Student Workshop Experience

Students and their teachers have a unique opportunity to augment their theatre experience at the Arts Club by taking part in our workshops and behind-the-scene tours. We offer on-site and in-classroom workshops that are specifically designed to work with the issues and themes of the productions that the students are about to see when schools book their performance tickets. The Arts Club also offers behind-the-scene tours that can include touring the rehearsal halls, costume shops, administration, and scene/ prop shops (depending on theatre location).

We hope to offer the students and teachers that attend our productions a deeper and more immersive experience when they come to see our shows.

Here is what we offer:

  • On-site workshops with professional teaching artists
  • Workshops in the classroom with professional teaching artists
  • Behind-the scenes tours
  • Available for both matinees and evening performances

Please contact the Arts Club's Education and Outreach Associate for further information:
Becky Gold
604.687.5315, ext. 250

Visit our Student Matinees page for more information about our performances and to book tickets.

On-site workshops and tours for the Student Workshop Experience happen either at the BMO Theatre Centre (162 West 1st Avenue in Olympic Village) or at the Granville Island Rehearsal Hall at 1585 Johnson Street. We traditionally have the workshops on the same day that the students see the show, but we are very flexible on providing what works best for each school.

The tour of the BMO Theatre Centre usually includes a tour of the Goldcorp Stage, our costume shop, and our administration offices. The tour of Granville Island usually includes the Granville Island Stage building and our production shop.


– 1 hour in-class workshop at a school or community centre  $142
– 1 hour workshop at an Arts Club venue $142
– 1 hour workshop and tour of an Arts Club venue $142
– 1 hour backstage/facility tour (no workshop) $75

Payment is due a full 2 weeks prior to the date of the workshop

Please contact the Arts Club's Education and Outreach Associate for further information:
Becky Gold
604.687.5315, ext. 250


"Probably the best workshop I've had in a long time."

"As an actor, I don't think about who makes the signs, and who does the tickets sales and all that but we got to meet all those people and there was a face to that."

"It opened my eyes and I would really like it if someone recommended it to me."


"Our grade twos were blown away! They had such a great time and they loved how they got special treatment getting to meet the people behind the scenes, getting a sneak peek at some of the costumes, and learning about all the ways the stage can transform. Many of them expressed excitement to their parents, who are now looking forward to also visiting the theatre to see any upcoming shows. So, thanks for putting together the tour and making it really special for the kids."

"100%. I would love to do it again!"

"We took a group of actors, and tech kids and orchestra members and it met all of their different interests."